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HEXperience OUR


Visit us on the playa

2:30 & G

See you there!


9pm – 11pm [tues-fri]
HEXperience will run every 30 mins

Join us every evening 9-11pm for the HEXperience:

Visitors will be treated to a curated 15-minute deeply immersive, full-sensory experience of sound, light, and passive aerobic oscillation to activate your flow state.

Enjoy a stimulating soundbath with relaxing rhythmic motion designed to create an oxygen surplus in your body and remove tension; leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated for your nighttime adventuring.

Top it off with a hydrating and optionally inebriating HEXelixir from the HEXlounge.


Daily workshops to enrich your burn. From Heart Healing Meditations to Twerkshops, from Kizomba Dance Lessons to Electronica History 101, we invite you to share in the passions and talents of the HEX Collective.

11am – 3pm [mon-fri]


Our public lounge is open 24/7 and boasts cozy couches and a HEXY ambiance. Every afternoon we host a DJ’d dance party and serve up tasty libations. Every night we serve toasty tea to our HEXperience guests and all are invited to our lounge for a HEXelixir.

3pm – 5pm [mon-fri]
open bar DJ dance party

9pm – 11pm [mon-fri]
hexy vibe tea time