2019 HEXcollective Offerings


Our core offering at Burning Man in 2019 is the HEXperience; an interactive experience that integrates all five senses, leaving our guests with a sixth HEXsense; state of enlightenment.


Have a talk, workshop, party or fun event you’d like to host? This is where it all goes down! You can submit your fun event, party, workshop, or talk idea here if you haven’t done so already.

HEXtent Schedule: 11am-5pm [Mon-Fri]


Our public lounge is open 24/7 and will consist of 6 couches, a fire pit, and epic lighting and decor. It’ll also serve as a tea lounge and a sunset bar. We’ll be handing out hot tea in the morning and we’ll be serving up cold libations at sunset.

HEXlounge Schedule: 8 – 10am (tea time) | 3-6pm (bar time) [Mon-Fri]


HEXgallery: Dynamic digital gallery featuring our campers artwork, photography, and some other fun ideas throughout the week.

HEXgallery Schedule: 24/7