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2:30 & Enchant

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Want to DJ at HEX Collective?

We'd love to have you! Sign up here to DJ for one of Day Parties, Night Lounges, or even Morning Coffee!

Day Parties

High-Vibe Afternoon Day Parties

Daily DJ’ed afternoon dance parties. Open bar, upbeat vibes, shade, misters, hammocks, and hexies.

2pm – 6pm

Morning Coffee

By popular demand, Coffee NutSi returns. Barista coffee service. DJ’d zen morning vibes. Extended hours. No complaints.

7am – 10am

Evening Lounge

Our hexy late-night oasis. Whether you’re riding out or heading in for the night, stop in at our chill lounge/bar. Cozy couches, cocktails, campfire, and a HEXY ambiance.

9pm – 12am

Charm Bar

Capture a memory. Make friends and fun custom jewelry at our Charm bracelet buffet bar. Open all party and lounge hours.

2pm – 6pm | 9pm – 12am

Ready to get more hexy?

If your application to HEX Collective has been approved, it’s already time to get involved! Ensure you’ve tackled your shift and team sign-ups in Basecamp.