The first application window is closed for 2018.

Due to the high number of applicants, we may not have additional windows if we’ve hit our camp capacity with qualified campers. We’ll know this over the upcoming weeks as we reach out to our applicants and fill roles.

Thank you for the thoughtful applications. We’re stoked to connect with you amazing people and find out if our camp is a good match for your Burning Man intentions this year.

We will be reaching out to schedule calls with applicants over the next few weeks.

If you’ve missed your chance to apply, we hope you visit us on the playa to play, participate, and engage in our interactive theme camp offerings.

Returning Camper Re-Committment

Thank you to all of you who contributed love, work, and your own unique brand of magic to the HEXcollective in 2017 (and our previous camp incarnations in years past). 2017 was our best year yet and we’re excited to continue on in 2018!

We will keep camp around the same size again, which means we will have even less spots open toward the event. To ensure you are able to camp with us, get your applications right away, even if you don’t have a ticket yet.

Please consider this form your re-committment to camp – a chance to let us know what you’d like to contribue this year, what teams you want to serve on, and also keep us updated on important camper information, like contact details. We’ll also ask you to re-read and re-resonate with our core committments. Every year as a camp we need to step it up to be placed as a theme camp, and that means each and every one of us do too!

New Camper Application

We’re stoked you’re interested in being a part of HEXcollective. We love our tribe and the awesome new people it attracts every year. This application is the place to start (even if you don’t have a ticket yet). Allow yourself some space and time to fill it out thoughtfully, as we personally reach out to every single applicant.

We take extreme care of our camp culture; therefore, all new applicants must be sponsored by a member.