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Before you apply...

Please read this entire page to learn more about what it means to be part of HEX Collective.

If you are still called to participate in full understanding that we are a non-profit contribution+participation-based theme camp, a community of creativity+accountability and awesomeness, striving toward ever more epic offerings to the Burning Man world, not a plug-and-play, and certainly not boring, please go ahead and apply.



2024 Applications are OPEN

If you are looking to join HEX Collective (as a new OR returning camper), now is the time to apply! Go to the form directly →



HEX Collective is not a "Plug & Play" Camp

This means that everybody contributes in a variety of ways, mostly love, being their awesome selves, and a badass amount of on-playa in-the-dust work. Dues (cost-sharing) are another way we contribute to make camp possible. They are essentially the camps operating expenses divided by the number of people in the camp. 

2024 Camp Dues (cost-sharing) have now been calculated and are shared below.

Learn more about What is a theme camp?

Who are we?


HEX Collective has been gathering on the playa in some form since 2014. We’re a community of creativity,  accountability and awesomeness — striving toward ever more epic offerings to the Burning Man world — definitely not a plug-and-play, and certainly not boring.

We gather on the playa to connect, laugh, grow, dance and share! To give back. To exceed the scope and impact of our offerings and gift each year we return home.

  • We’re a very international group, with no one home base. Once you’re a Hexy, you’ll have friends in every city. 🙂
  • Hexies come in all shapes, types, personalities and ages (but please note that 2024 is a kids-free year for us).
  • We don’t provide tickets, but we have a robust network to help you find a ticket. We currently have campers with extra tickets ready to share with new incoming campers.
  • We come together to build. We’ve gotten pretty great at creating a space that’s relatively comfortable in the middle of the desert. Everyone takes part in building and taking down camp and leaving no trace. Read about what camp provides (and doesn’t provide) on the Apply page.
  • We come together to give. Our offerings to the community include:
    • High-Vibe Afternoon Day Parties. Daily DJ’ed afternoon dance parties. Open bar, upbeat vibes, shade, misters, hammocks, and hexies.
    • Evening Lounge is a hexy late-night oasis. Riding out or in for the night, stop at our chill lounge/bar. Cozy couches, cocktails, campfire, and a HEXY ambiance.
    • Morning Coffee. By popular demand, Coffee NutSi returns. Barista coffee service. DJ’d zen morning vibes. Extended hours. No complaints.
    • Charm Bar. Capture a memory. Make friends and fun custom jewelry at our Charm bracelet buffet bar. Open all party and lounge hours.
  • We come together to dance, share, hang, and venture out. We also have camper activities (planned and spontaneous) that all are welcome to take part in (or do your own thing, that’s cool too.) Wandering art tours, photo shoots, sunrises in deep playa… you get the drift.
  • We come together to eat. Our (optional but awesome) daily camp dinners (by campers for campers) are consistently most voted “favorite part of camp”.

Camp Amenities & Offerings

By pooling our resources (aka…paying dues), HEX Collective is able to provide a (relatively) comfortable and meaningful burning man camp experience, in the harshest of environments.


Fresh Water: Camp Ops + Personal

Carrying all the water you need for 7-10 days on the playa is cumbersome at 8.34 lbs per gallon. We rent a 500-gallon tank that is filled throughout the week by an onsite vendor. This water is both for camp operations and your personal use.
Camp Ops: Daily Dinners Cooking+Dishes / Offerings
Personal Use: Drinking / Fill your camel backs / Teeth brushing / Camping-style solar showers (~ every 2/3 days)

Grey Water Removal — Mostly Camp Ops / Light Personal

All dirty water and other liquids need to be collected and removed from the playa as part of “leave no trace”. Camp provides a 250-gallon tank that is serviced/emptied throughout the week. It covers dish washing from camp meals, light personal dish washing, communal camp shower water disposal, and a light-use camp sink for face washing / brushing teeth.
***RV’s cannot empty into this tank.
*** Camp does not provide RV pump-out service.

Daily Camp Dinner during Burn Week

Daily camp dinner has become a cornerstone of our camp/family, bringing us together between adventures to share, nourish and connect. This dinner is by-campers-for-campers, and you’ll have the opportunity to be on 1 meal crew too!
The food and the community it created is always the top listed highlight for campers in feedback surveys.

2 Meals + Snacks during Build Week

Build days are a lot of fun and a lot of work. Our build week nourishment team crushes it to ensure we head into burn week energized and refuled.

Kitchen: Camp Ops & Light Personal Use

Considering we are in the middle of the desert, we have a pretty bad-ass kitchen. It consists of grills, freezers, refrigerators, sink, and other items to make preparing camp meals and your own meals a lot easier. The primary purpose of the kitchen is supporting our camp-provided meals, however campers are welcome to use the kitchen to prepare meals outside of dinner. 
Just remember to keep the kitchen clean after you use it. 🙂

Power — Camp Ops + RV’s + Light Personal Use

Renting a generator is typically camp’s biggest expense each year. The generator provides power to the kitchen, HexTent, fresh water pump, tent city, lights, RV’s and tent A/C’s. You can also plug-in for small charging, such as cell phones and cameras. If you have a larger power need, please make sure you let us know to make sure we can accommodate it.


It’s (almost) Always Sunny in Black Rock City! Each year, we continue to invest in quality shade to protect the majority of camp. Shade is often an underestimated but most appreciated benefit of theme camping. We provide shade for communal camping areas, frontage/offerings areas, and over tent city.


Some people take showers, some don’t. We provide a fun and vibey shower zone in camp with camping-style solar showers. The water math works out best if campers limit showers to every 2/3 days, and we always encourage sharing! 🙂 This IS Burning Man, so you can enjoy either privacy option and shower-together options.

Camp Offerings to BM Community

Our core offerings at Burning Man this year are epic day parties with an open bar, chill vibes night lounge, and this year by VERY popular request, we’ll be making morning coffee by Natty an official and more extended offering. We’ll also be debut-ing CHARM bar! A charm bracelet bar to capture and burn make memories you can carry back with you to the world.

HEX Tent

Where the magic happens! Our 40′ Martix-Marquee Hexagon Tent that is the focal point of our camp. Inside it, we have our workshops, opening/closing ceremony, dance parties, and much more!

Miscellaneous — ALL of the things

Scaffolding, lights, signage, art, sound systems, and much much more!



  • Your Burning Man ticket; you are responsible for sourcing your own ticket. As a theme camp, we do get an allocation of tickets for core builders and camp members and we also have a network of people actively seeking tickets for fellow members. Through multiple channels, we can most likely assist new campers in procuring a ticket.
  • We do not provide tents or RV’s; you are responsible for your own personal sleeping arrangements
  • Bikes; we do not provide bikes; and YES you will need one; again if you are part of the community you can engage with others for advice and arrangements for getting your bike to camp
  • We do not provide personal RV black/grey water pump-out
  • We do not provide private restrooms
  • We do not provide transportation to and from camp / the playa; our community does engage in ride-sharing but you are responsible for connecting and setting this up
  • We do not provide ALL meals; we provide a daily camp dinner (by-campers-for-campers) during burn week (and extra meals and snacks during build week). You are responsible for bringing all other food you may need during the week. There is indeed plenty of gifted food offerings at Burning Man; it is up to you how much to rely on gifted offerings vs. how much to bring.


Cutoff Date


Jan 1 — June 1


Paid in full by June 1st — $550

June 1 — July 1


Paid in full by July 1st — $600

July 1 — Aug 1


Paid in full by August 1st — $700

Aug 1 — Aug 20


Paid in full after August 1 — $800


If you’ve been granted RV camping space at HEX Collective, there are additional expenses shared by RV campers for generator and fuel costs. This fee is per-RV, regardless of how many are sharing.

RV and Tent A/C Fees 2024

RV cost-sharing estimates for 2024 are:
$960 per 30-amp RV
$2000 per 50-amp RV
$350 per tent A/C unit

RV’s are permitted to plug-in to the power grid run by our camp generator for power.

***RV’s are not permitted to run their own generators in camp instead (trust us – a camp full of RV exhaust / loud fans running is no fun).

Additionally, those camping in tents/yurts/shiftpods may bring an A/C unit to plug into camp power as well. You must let us know ahead of time if you will be bringing an A/C unit, otherwise we cannot guarantee placement where you can plug-in to the power grid.



The tier system is not in place to penalize people who pay later in the year (we recognize there are all kinds of circumstances), but exists in recognition that campers who commit to camp and pay early really help us keep our costs down and have a more secure predictable budget (by allowing us to get better rates on vendor services, and source products and materials earlier in the year.) Camp dues are simply cost-sharing and most of camp costs are incurred in early Spring, before a lot of campers have paid dues. Tier 1 is the earliest and lowest tier, and typically most available to camp leadership and returning campers. Tier 2 is usually the starting tier for new campers, due to the timing of most new camper onboarding.