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Team Sign-Ups


Sign up for teams you will be ACTIVELY leading/contributing to. Teams are forming, planning and budgeting. If you’re a DGS ticket holder, you’ve already committed to be on multiple teams / leading a team, so make sure you’re listed below. Important: DO NOT put your name in a space if you cannot actively engage in this team starting today — you may be taking a space away from someone who can.

Team Leads

Team Leads are the ones actually leading the team! As a team lead, you have the most opportunity to impact and drive this team. Directing the shared vision, budgeting, and helping their team members contribute as committed.

Camp Leads

Camp Leads are an active, helpful resource for Team Leads. They help ensure Team Leads are enabled and completing critical tasks on time. Camp leads often share their passion, ideas, and helpful tribal knowledge from past years.

Council Support

Council Members attached to a team are a resource and support for Camp Leads and Team Leads, who can act as a backup leader and help ensure the work of the team is connected to what’s happening in the rest of camp. They can often share helpful tribal knowledge from past years, and support camp/team leads in meeting critical timelines and getting enabled to execute.

Team Descriptions

Learn more about teams by hovering over the notes in the SignUp sheet and by exploring the HEX Wiki below. 

Discord Channels

As soon as you’ve signed up for a team, join the corresponding Discord channel listed by reaching out to your team lead. We want you to jump into the conversation. DO NOT make us track you down, please. 🙂 




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