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Offerings Shifts Sign-Ups

Everyone in camp contributes to our Offerings to the burning man community.

Offerings are the reason we exist and get placed as a theme camp. Giving back to the community is the true spirit and a huge part of the full experience of Burning Man. 

Shift Requirements during Burn Week

Every HEX Collective camper must work 2 shifts during burn week.

  • 1 active serving shift (2-4 hours)
  • 1 attendance shift (3-4 hours)

1 Active Serving Shift

What is an Active Serving Shift?
Active serving shifts are 2-4 hours (depending on your task). Active serving shift means you’re either working:
Day Party team for one day (tasks include bartending, bar prep, ice run, greeting, cleaning, charm bar host)
Night Lounge team for one evening (same tasks as above)
Camp dinner team, helping with one camp dinner (tasks include cooking, cleaning, recipe planning, pre-burn shopping)

1 Attendance Shift

What is an Attendance Shift?
Just pick a HEX party, and come to that party! You can dance, mingle, play giant jenga, or put your feet up and chillax! Enjoy time with your fellow campers and meet visiting burners who drop in to join the party. Just show up and be yourself. This shift type exists to create a “minimum viable vibe” (MVV) at our parties, to encourage passer-by’s to stop their bikes and come on in.

While this is a ‘fun’ shift, you will be expected to show up at the party you sign up for and hang for 3-4 hours. Of course, you’re so welcome to attend many and all parties at HEX even ones you’re not signed up to. 🙂

Extra Shifts

Some campers (approx. 30) will be asked to serve an additional burn week shift. The shift type will vary depending where we have gaps and is designed to fill in where needed. This list will be released just before burn week and will include campers who match 1 or more of the following:

  • join camp later in the year and therefore have not contributed as heavily to camp planning and teams as their fellow campmates
  • for any other reason, such as being busy with life, have not contributed as heavily to camp planning and teams as their fellow campmates
  • are not participating in building camp onsite during build week
  • are planning to leave camp before Monday 2pm (note that early leavers will additionally be asked to take a load of camp trash as their contribution to strike push 2)
  • any camper that wants to is welcome to serve an additional shift and many do! Just make sure you show up for what you sign up for 🙂






What about teams?

A great camp takes a tribe! In addition to on-playa shifts, campers are encouraged to participate in teams, where we plan things like decor, cocktail recipes, DJ schedules, and so much more. Go here to see a full list of teams, sign-up, and get involved on Discord.

Want to DJ?

Bring the party to the HEX Tent. Whatever your vibe is, we probably have a timeslot for you, from our upbeat daily day parties, to our late night hexy lounge, and even our zen vibe morning coffee service.

Ready to get more hexy?

If your application to HEX Collective has been approved, it’s already time to get involved! Ensure you’ve tackled your shift and team sign-ups in Basecamp.