The 2018 HEXcollective Offerings

Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to provide your offering to both HEX Collective and to Burning Man!

Our core offering at Burning Man in 2018 is the HEXperience . New for 2018, we plan to integrate the 5 senses into our offerings. Each day we’ll touch all 5 senses of our guests and have them leave with a 6th sense... the HEXsense. We plan to execute our core offering via the following 3 areas which will be located in the front or public portion of camp:

  • HEXtent
  • HEXlounge
  • HEXgallery

New for 2018 is the HEXlounge, our public lounge. It will consist of a bar, 6 couches, a fire pit, and epic lighting and decor. Here, we will hit on 4 of the 5 senses: Touch, Smell, Taste, and Hearing. So we'll need people to man the area to serve coffee & tea, bartend, DJ, aroma therapy, and huggers & greeters. We're hoping you will sign-up for two 2-hour time slots. We're also excited to hear of any unique ideas you would like to offer that would fit well in the HEXlounge.

If you have not yet signed up for Offerings, the HEXlounge is your place to contribute. The HEXperience; a Feast for the Senses is a host of interactive activities meant to tantalize the senses. We will welcome guests into our HEX Lounge with a fire pit, cozy couches, groovy sounds, subtle aromas, visual stimulation and misters of lightly scented invigoration. Our beautiful new HEX bar will invite guests to tease their tastes during select events with refreshments, tea, coffee, custom spirits or wine

For the HEXperience to be the proud face of HEXcollective to the Burning Man Community, each Camper is asked to spend at least 4 hours with HEXperience offerings during the week. 

Pick a Sense

Taste-Depending on the time of day, this would be our Tea/Coffee, Flavored Honey, Bartending, or other Tastes.
Sound-  DJ
Smell-Aroma experiences
Touch- Hugs, Massages, Greeters and other touch related experiences.

Pick a 2hr time slot

Warm welcome to the morning Tuesday- Saturday 8a-10a
Feast for the Senses Tuesday- Friday 12p-2p, 2p-4p
Sunset Session  Monday-Friday 7:30p-9:30p


Please do not request a time that is full. 


Sign-up for the HEXlounge below...

Be sure to join our Slack Channel and our Facebook Group if you haven't already.