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Camp Applications are OPEN

As mentioned in previous updates, our camp will be intentionally smaller this year in a move toward more concentrated awesomeness. If you want to be a part of camp, get your application in soon as possible and let us know all of the ways in which you’d be excited to contribute to camp logistics as well as camp culture.

As our leadership teams are unfolding, we need epic team members to step up in support of all areas of camp. Please be detailed in the ways in which you understand the challenges of executing the small and big things within the dynamic environment that is burning man, and how you’re going to tackle those challenges.

We’ve capped the number of virgins this year in order to maximize our opportunities in 2017 surrounding efficiency, balance of contribution, and flow – so if you’re applying as a virgin, tell us how you’ve done your research on Burning Man, what being part of a camp means to you, and why you feel ready and willing to contribute toward these camp goals in the midst of your first dust storm.


Fill out the application at HEXcollective []

If you know someone interested in being part of camp, alert them that this is the time for them to apply. If you endorse this person, let us know!  We are asking all applicants to fill out this form by Friday, April 14.
ACTION ITEM  If you have not yet applied, fill out the app by Friday, April 14:

Leadership Connections

While a lot has been building in the background, it’s finally time for everyone to step up into their leadership roles, coordinate teams and empower new camp members with information how to support camp starting now. Council will be connecting with leadership over the next week to schedule exploration conversations regarding teams, workflow, ideas and logistics.

ACTION ITEM  If you’ve already applied, hop on a Skype call with a council member – we’ll be in touch with you individually over the next week to schedule good times.


Offerings Schedule

Our camp offering to the playa this year is all about what we do best and being our awesome selves! Our tribe is a conscious community of artists, consciousness engineers, lifehackers, creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, authors, and teachers.

In 2017 we will be focusing on our HEXtent as our core offering, holding space for our campers and guests in the form of:

  • 1. HEXevents (events)
  • 2. HEXtalks (talks)
  • 3. HEXshops (workshops)
  • 4. HEXart (art)

We’ll have quality workshops/events/talks/art being held 7 hours a day Monday – Friday of the burn 10am — 5pm.

We encourage every member of Hex to host a workshop / talk / event, or co-lead with a team member who is hosting. The definition of our offerings is open – be creative!

Camp members are not expected to attend every workshop that is hosted. If you want to stay and support your campmates and neighbours by all means!

We will also be inviting our neighbours and burner friends from our greater expanded community to utilize our space to hold their own events in our space and to be included in our schedule of offerings.

Given this, we are focused on giving priority of timeslots to our camp members first. We have received a lot of awesome ideas for workshops in your applications so far and it’s time to begin locking them down on the schedule. Please hop onto this schedule in google docs to confirm your suggested / ideal timeslot, and a few notes about your offering on the next page. We think most offerings will be best about 60-90 minutes, but you are totally empowered to take more time if you’re genuinely prepared to give an epic offering. Leave 30 minute blocks between each event for arrivals/departures, time warps, and mingling.

ACTION ITEM  Jump onto this google doc and make an entry to both tabs to help us fill in the schedule and get to know one another’s offerings.

Getting closer!

We’re so stoked about all of the enthusiasm so far this year and getting excited to reconnect with our tribe on and off playa. This is the around that time of year that time starts speeding up and suddenly it’s summer! Stay tuned, take charge, bring ideas, schedule calls, and keep up with camp as we countdown to awesome times.

– Tribal Council aka CookieMonster, SMF, Sprite, JR


P.S. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email us at or you can always reach out to us individually. Much love – MikeZ, Kenny, April, JR

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