Meal Teams

A family that breaks bread together, stays together.

Some History

Over the past 4 years, we've experimented a lot with food options. In 2017, we decided to do team meals and it was a huge success. It's a time for us all to come together and share in a feast that had a lot of love and effort put into it.
Plus it ensures everyone in camp gets at least 1 adequate and nutritious meal each day.

Eating is optional, however contribution - is not.

Current Methodology

We divide camp more or less evenly into 8 meal teams. Starting on Sunday night our Council will kick things off and serve up the first delicious organized meal. The rest of camp will break up (roughly) evenly and join meal teams for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the burn week.

Each team is to coordinate their menu, list the ingredients and stay within the set budget allocated for the year. Once approved by the Meal Team Manager, they'll devise a plan to procure the groceries, get it to the playa, keep it from spoiling, prepare, serve, and finally clean up the kitchen and secure your meal time MOOP once done. 

Any leftovers are to be securely wrapped and placed in our leftover refrigerator. This smaller refrigerator is solely for leftovers and is wonderful for those who weren't able to make the meal or for any others who are still hungry later in the evening or the following day(s). The leftover fridge also helps us to minimize wasted food, and trash aka MOOP.

Camp MOOP Policy

Everyone is responsible for their own trash and as such there is no communal camp trash. You pack it in, you pack it out. 

We encourage everyone to "deMOOP" ALL of your stuff, including your groceries for your meal team offering, while at home and/or while in Reno. As a meal team, you'll be required to manage all of your meal offering waste and ensure that it gets off the playa the same way it got on. 

There is no communal camp trash. 

We repeat, there is no communal camp trash.

That said, we do participate in IDEATE's composting program. For more details on that, please contact our Meal Team Manager, Mel V.

2018 Meal Teams