Tribe <3  The man burns in 107 days!

(Please see item #7 below relating to Camp Dues and Due Dates!)

Moving forward we will be sending out bi-weekly (every two weeks) updates highlighting all of the awesome work teams are putting in and creating! We’ll also be including important dates, deadlines, or Burning Man related news and info so please stay up to date so we can continue building camp into its most epic version yet.

It’s also time to start stepping into our roles as leaders, and contributing in tangible ways. We’ll be on the playa before we know it and the more energy we put into camp now, the more fun and flow we can enjoy on the ground. Big thanks and high fives to everyone who has already stepped up and started creating, organizing, and assisting.

In this update:

  1. Group Call Recap
  2. Camp Connections
  3. Applications Open
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Pending Applications
  6. Confirmed Camp Members
  7. Camp Dues & Due Dates
  8. Other Important Dates
  9. Quote of the Week

Group Call

Thanks for everyone who made it onto the group call and to Mike for hosting it! It was a free-flow call to gather feedback and energy and we got some great input. We know a lot of you wanted to make it but couldn’t so stayed tuned for the next calls and we’ll do our best to have them at different times to accommodate our worldwide community of campers.That being said, please don’t wait for phone calls to get involved!

If we talked about anything that inspired you, please speak up and let us know how you want to take the lead on an aspect of camp or any ideas you have for improvement.

Camp Connections

One of the things that came up most of all in our call in different ways is improving our inter-camp connection, by sharing meals, and really rocking the flow in the kitchen and living room. We are making big changes to the kitchen this year to accomplish these goals and taking advantage of a few years of learning experience to take it to the next level. We also heard some “hell yeahs” on ways to stay connected as we adventure out on the playa (camp bike flags, lights, etc).  As this all percolates, let’s expand on this discussion in our Facebook group and within your teams!

How else can we improve inter-camp connection and our overall experience?



Fill out the application at HEXcollective []

If you want to be a part of camp or know someone who does, get your/or their application in as soon as possible and let us know all of the ways in which you’d be excited to contribute to camp logistics as well as camp culture.

You can still apply if you don’t have a ticket. Historically, it has never been an issue that one of our campers has not found a ticket before the event. Stay diligent on your own search and stay involved in camp to be eligible for tickets that may become available.

ACTION ITEM  If you have not yet applied, fill out the application ASAP to avoid being subject to increased camp fees (structure below):

FAQ:  I have not yet applied but want to. When would my camp fees be due?

Within 7 days of approval.
Any new applicants will have up to June 10th to get their application in to be included in Tier 1 Early Applicant pricing.
Once approved, you will have 7 days from the date of approval to pay these early Tier 1 fees. I
f you miss this 7-day window, you do not forfeit your spot in camp, BUT you would forfeit that earlier fee tier and be included in the fee tier based on the current calendar date.


Please note that all new members of our camp will be required to have a sponsoring veteran who is attending and camping with us in 2017. Sponsorship has worked well for us in the past and it’s common for the larger and more established camps at Burning Man to operate in this manner.

If you’re new to camp and would love to join us we encourage you to reach out to our tribe and connect! 

Pending Applications

For those who have applied, thank you for your applications and sharing your excitement with us. We are still making calls to applicants which is taking some time. We will keep you posted as we process applications and you become eligible to pay camp fees. Note that the fee tiers released below are based on your application date, not your acceptance date, so you won’t be subject to any fee increases while we process your application.

FAQ: I have a pending application. When should I pay camp dues?

Within 7 days of approval.
We need all approved camp members contributing right away so we can move forward with our projects. Your fee tier is based on your date of application (not approval) to reflect your early investment in camp. If you miss this 7-day window, you do not forfeit your spot in camp, BUT you would forfeit that earlier fee tier and be included in the fee tier based on the current calendar date.


Confirmed Camp Members

Everyone who has already been accepted into camp, we are so stoked to be doing this with all of you! We have an incredible group and can’t wait to connect with you all again in person AND over the next few months as we work together to organize and plan camp.

Welcome )'(ome!


It’s time to start building camp in big ways; in order to fund the awesomeness and empower your teams to make moves, we are releasing the due dates to pay your camp fees below. All confirmed campers at this point are in Tier 1.

FAQ: I have already been approved into camp because I’m awesome. When should *I* pay camp dues?

By June 10.
Any already approved camp member who pays their fees after June 10, regardless of their application date will be volunteering themselves for the Tier 2 fee tier (and so on).
Those who have already paid your camp fee deposits – don’t forget to adjust your camp fees to reflect the balance!

Pay camp fees by Paypal to

Use the option: “Sending money to family/friend” and account for the currency conversion to USD (you may be able to select USD and have the conversion done automatically by Paypal).


June 10th $350 last day


June 11th $400 sale begins [Last day July 10th]


July 11th $450 sale begins [Last day August 10th]


August 11th $500 sale begins


Other Important Dates from

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Last day to request delivery/shipping changes
Mid-June Ticket order delivery begins
Monday, July 17, 2017 12pm (noon) PDT: STEP closes to sellers
Friday, July 21, 2017 12pm (noon) PDT: STEP closes to buyers (last links sent)
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 12pm (noon) PDT: OMG Sale ($425) registration opens
Friday, July 28, 2017 12pm (noon) PDT: OMG Sale ($425) registration closes
Wednesday, August 2, 2017 12pm (noon) PDT: OMG Sale ($425) starts


If you have any questions please feel free to email them to or you can always reach out to us individually.

Until next time – stay thirsty dear friends. <3 )'(

Much love – MikeZ, Kenny, April, JR

Quote of the week:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

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