2018 Camp Dues

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Tier 4


Closes on August 17th

Camp dues help to pay for all of the comfortable amenities provided in camp and our core offerings. We also maintain a reserve fund for future planned purchases, emergencies or unexpected expenses.

We anticipate camp dues to stay around the $500 mark for the next couple of years. We hope that as we develop more fundraising initiatives for future years, we will be able to offset any potential increases. If you're concerned about camp dues becoming too steep and/or you'd like to participate in fundraising for camp, please contact one of our Council members with your suggestions or simply let us know you want to help.

We're also discussing a low income solution for 2019 and beyond. If you have any feedback in this area, please contact one of our Council members.

To be clear all Council Members, Team Leaders, and Team Members pay the same amount of money each year. We do not discount or incentivize contributing to camp in any capacity. In other words, just because someone spends 10+ hours per week on camp, does not mean they get a discount on camp dues. We all serve out of love. )'(

Breakdown of Camp Dues in 2018