Directed Group Sale (DGS)

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive an opportunity to be a part of the DGS ticket sale it is because you have shown your dedication to camp the previous year. You are considered an integral part of the leadership team and as such HEXcollective has certain expectations of you that must be met. 

  1. You must pay a $100 deposit for your camp dues to secure your DGS access.
  2. You are expected to serve as a Team Leader and help out wherever you are needed.
  3. You must make yourself available at least 2 hours a week beginning in March through August for the betterment of your team and the camp. Ideally, you want to contribute year around to the growth of HEX.
  4. You must never use ‘being busy’ as an excuse. We’re all busy. You’re a leader. You’ve made a commitment. You must honor that. For reinforcement, please see item #3 above.
  5. You must try and level up your team every year. If we want to earn our placement each year we’ve been told that we have to level up all aspects of our camp. Every. Single. Year.

IF you decide not to camp with us you MUST:

  1. Notify council that you will not be attending with us immediately
  2. Return your tickets and vehicle pass to camp immediately

In the event of withdraw, any monies paid for a deposit and the cost of the tickets will be refunded immediately via the Camp Controller.

The DGS tickets are specifically for the core build team and leaders of camp. If DGS tickets are used by anyone not in our camp, our standing with BMOrg could be jeopardized.

If you are unable to meet these terms, it may be best for you to come in and serve on a team rather than lead a team. It’s a lot of work to run camp and run a team. If you’re feeling fried or unable to make the necessary time and need to step back, please let us know as soon as possible. No hard feelings. We understand. Just let us know where you’re at so we can plan accordingly.

We don’t want to chase people to do what they signed up to do. Please do what's best for camp and be upfront and honest about your time and your commitment.