Camper Storage

Application Window Closes Midnight PST June 23rd, 2019

HEX Camper Storage

We offer storage for our campers as a courtesy. All items will be stored in our 2nd shipping container onsite at Burning Man. Please note that you will not have access to your items until the following year at the event. BMOrg does not permit us access to the containers throughout the year. The only time we’ll have access is the week leading up to the burn and a few days post.

IMPortant dates and deadlines

Due to the aforementioned and the logistics required, you must reserve your space no later than August 14th 11:59 PM PDT. We will not be able to store anything for you unless you have reserved your space ahead of time. Please plan accordingly.When you click “Add to Cart” below, you will see a shopping cart appear. When you are done making your selection, click Checkout with PayPal Please checkout using your connected account and using the friends/family option if asked. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD OPTION.​

BinBin Only – $60 per year:

Add On: 1 Extra Bin – $25 per year:
BikeBike Only – $75 per year:
Add On: 1 Bike – $25 per year:
Small TentSmall Tent Only – $20 per year:
Large TentLarge Tent Only – $60 per year:
Add On: 1 Large Tent Storage – $60 per year: