Camp Dues

Camp Fee Deposit

As soon as you’re approved to camp with Hex, a deposit (a portion of total camp fee) is due in order to hold your spot.

Deposits are $100

Please send your money via PayPal to this link or this email address:

Use the option to “send money to friend or family” and make sure your final payment covers all currency conversions to USD and other fees.

IMPortant dates and deadlines


TIER 1 $___* – July 14 – July 24

TIER 2 $___* – July 25 – August 5

TIER 3 $___* – August 6 – August 15

*If you paid a deposit already, remember to subtract your deposit from the amounts listed above*

HEXcollective is not a "Plug & Play" Camp

This means that everybody contributes in a variety of ways, mostly love, being their awesome selves, and a badass amount of on-playa in-the-dust work. Dues are another way we contribute to make camp possible. They are essentially the camp’s operating expenses divided by the number of people in the camp, and typically run between $400-500 USD. Over the following weeks, we will be able to calculate the camp dues structure for 2020 and will post them ASAP.


TIER 1 $___* – July 14 – July 24

TIER 2 $___* – July 25 – August 5

TIER 3 $___* – August 6 – August 15

*If you paid a deposit already, remember to subtract your deposit from the amounts listed above*

Camp Amenities & Offerings

What Your Camp Dues Pay For

Delicious daily meal made by the amazing mealteams of HEXcollective
Fresh Drinking Water (in the middle of the desert no less 😮)
Camp Grey Water Removal (nope not individual RV’s)
Showers (Not mandatory though – you do you)
Shade for Tent City (Actual life saver)
Power (Even though we have a lot of hexy man-power, we still need a generator to power all of the magic – it’s a huge cost and one that went up a lot this year.)
Camp Infrastructure (All of the things)
Upgraded Kitchen
Access to Freezers for restocking cooler packs
Hexy New Offerings 🔥

*See more details below

Every year council and leadership spend a ton of time and energy trying to keep camp dues as low as possible. We do research on vendors, within theme camp organizer groups, trying to find the most cost-efficient way to do things, and as a result, we’re one of the lowest-cost camps providing a similar level of amenities (but less HEXYness).

Every year we become more efficient (sorry, Igor) and we are always open to ideas about how to save money. One way to save money is to raise money for specific projects through fundraising. Many camps host parties throughout the year to raise money. In 2019 and beyond, we ask our HEXfamily to take on leadership fundraising roles in camp. If keeping camp fees low is an element of camp you are passionate about, please consider:


Leading a HEXcollective Fundraising Team

Council and leadership is already working crazy hours to maintain camp as it is and make as many improvements as possible. As much as fundraising would benefit camp – and empower cool and exciting projects, like lights, projectors, art cars, etc! – it’s an area we are lacking a dedicated lead. It’s also an area with the potential to make a big impact! Maybe this is you.


Camper Amenities

By pooling our resources (aka…paying dues), HEXcollective is able to provide an epic camp experience with:

Fresh Water

Carrying all the water you need for 7-10 days on the playa is cumbersome at 8.34 lbs per gallon. The fresh water that camp provides can be used for cooking, drinking, and showering. We rent a 500-gallon tank that is filled throughout the week by an onsite vendor.

Grey Water Removal

All dirty water and other liquids need to be collected and removed from the playa. Camp provides a 250-gallon tank that is emptied throughout the week. RV’s cannot empty into this tank.

Daily Camp Meal

Everybody in camp will be on a meal team that is in charge of planning & cooking one meal. Our dues pay for the food but the meal teams need to cook it. We’ve been doing this for two years now and it has become a cornerstone of our camp/family.  The food that was prepared by our meal teams were plentiful and delicious. The food and the community it created was a highlight for most people last year.


Considering we are in the middle of the desert, we have a pretty bad-ass kitchen. It consists of grills, freezers, refrigerators, sink, and other items to make preparing camp meals and your own meals a lot easier. Just remember to keep the kitchen clean after you use it!


Renting a generator is camp’s biggest expense each year. The generator provides power to the kitchen, HexTent, fresh water pump, tent city, lights, and Rv’s. Charging smaller electrical devices like cell phones and cameras won’t be a problem. If you have a larger power need, please make sure you let us know to make sure we can accommodate it. RV’s: There will be a $500 fee per RV this year for power usage. We plan to meter each RV and charge according to individual usage. After the burn, refunds will be given if your usage doesn’t exceed $500. If you research renting your own generator and managing your own fuel, I think you will find this is more than fair and much more convenient. If we get too many RV’s in camp, it might even be possible that we cannot accommodate all RV’s. Please understand that conserving power and saving money are two very big concerns of ours. We also want to keep the noise down in camp because too many generators are loud.


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and it is also Always Sunny In Black Rock City! Over the years, we have invested a lot of resources into shade to help make sure most of the camp is protected.


Some people take showers, some don’t. HexCollective provides two solar camping-style shower stalls to help rid yourself of playa dust and anything else you might have stuck to you 🙂


Where the magic happens! Our 40′ Martix-Marquee Hexagon Tent that is the focal point of our camp. Inside it, we have our workshops, opening/closing ceremony, dance parties, and much more!


Scaffolding, lights, signage, art, sound systems, and much much more!

Camp Offerings to BM Community

Our core offering at Burning Man in 2019 is the HEXperience

We integrate the five senses into our offerings. Each day we’ll touch all five senses of our guests and have them leave with a sixth HEXsense, or a state of enlightenment.  We plan to execute our core offering via the following 3 areas which will be located in the front or public portion of camp:

HEXtent: Have a talk, workshop, party or fun event you’d like to host? This is where it all goes down! 

HEXlounge: Our public lounge will be open 24/7 and will consist of 6 couches, a fire pit, and epic lighting and decor. It’ll also serve as a tea lounge and a sunset bar at particular hours each day between Tues-Fri. We’ll be handing out hot tea in the morning and we’ll be serving up cold libations at sunset. 


HEXgallery: 6 – 40” flat screen TVs featuring our campers artwork, photography, and some other fun ideas throughout the week.